Monday, March 10, 2008

Walked in a little late to this panel.. had to find parking in the rain GRRR.

Bloggers as part of an word of mouth campaign.

Word of Mouth Advertising:  

People's Definition of WOM

Know the reviewer

No Motive / No Bias


Open Opinion

Where sites F**k up.

1. Be transparent on all these dimensions. A lot of forgiveness lies in not lying.

2. Know where the line is for your users on these dimensions. Know your users. 

3. Only take advertisers who will play within those guidelines. Accepting others will endanger the life of your site. 

Where advertisers F***k up:

1. Make sure the site you're working with knows their audience.

2. Listen more than talk. Change your metrics (More important to see how they react to your message and product than just how many eyeballs see your message)

• Reviews from users have become more and more important. Advertisers should 'listen' to the community there are attempting to influence or engage in. Don't be afraid of negative feedback.. trying to sensor that will prove more negative in the long run. 

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