Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mo' Better Mobile Blogging...MoBlogging

Mobile of the fastest growing trends in social networking, well mobile social networking to be exact. Mobile blogging (or for those in the "know", moblogging) uses applications such as Twitter and Utterz to instantaneously post info to the web.

I'm not too familiar with Twitter (other than the fact that it has lost its steam since its inception a few years ago...but that's according to the trade mags and leaves much up for debate), so I won't really speak about it. What I will speak about is Utterz. Yes, Utterz...funny name (and yeah, can't help but think of a cow), but cool app!

What Utterz allows you to do is instantaneously update your connected blog from your mobile device. Plus! You are not limited to text can post pictures, audio, and text attached to either of the two without ever having to log on from a computer. So say I was out and about and I came across the Guitar Hero World Champion and because I'm a GH nerd, I decide to take a pic with him using my camera phone. I can take a pic and send it to one of my blogs or my MySpace page and it will instantaneously cool is that!? I don't have to log on to any website...just send a picture message from my phone to my destination site and it's there.

What I enjoyed about this panel was that it was truly interactive...the panel divided up the audience into small groups and we all either Twitter-ed or Utter-ed something so that we would know how it works and how to easy it is to use. So...hopefully I'll be able to get my account up and running so that I can update my blogs much easier. :)

Okay...on to the next speaker.

Note: The GH World Champ actually was here as part of the Screen Burn Arcade Showcase. But I'm not THAT big of a GH nerd to actually take a pic with him. My nerd-ness has its limits...sometimes. :p