Monday, March 10, 2008

Session: There will be blood.

Panel is a mix of guys from large traditional and non-traditional agencies. 

Discussion is revolving around the shift that traditional agencies are making towards becoming more and more adept in utilizing digital channels. That the demands of successful marketing are forcing a change.

Rough notes taken on the fly:
  • The future belongs to those groups that are nimble and tech saavy, since the internet and social media will soon be as valuable as any traditional media outlet
  • What does a traditional agency mean anymore? 
  • A powerful agency is one that can understand the digital front and how it affects the bigger picture of interacting with the consumer
  • Important point: The focus should not just be on the 'net''s about all the digital channels that the consumer is interacting with... not just the internet.. we are talking about games, cell phones, display advertising...etc..
  • IMPORTANT: A Brand can not just be forced into the realm of social media. Special understanding has to be had and care given to how you approach and try to opt into the 'socil media' world
  • Great speaker comment: "Media is the new creative" Response from panel: Media can inspire creative now in so many more ways that it couldn't in the past, doesn't replace it. Good ideas don't only have to come from creative
  • Biggest challenge the agency is facing today is keeping up with the skill sets necessary to meet the demand 
  • Social media: How do brands create TRUE conversations with consumers to drive the evolution of a brand or product.. and not just view it as another one way channel of communication : Example of good success: Levi / Project Runway Campaign, Facebook challenges, 
  • Crucial thing to remember, social media is not new.. it's just a hyper fast, souped up word of mouth deal
  • Re: Viral - All viral means is 'easy to share'. People have so much more power then they had in the past.
  • Question: What form of digital technology has proven to be most effective at acquiring customers - One of the panel members responded :  A combo of search and display
  • Less about one way communication and more about interactive conversations
  • Great example: Nike Plus - Inspired a shift in the runners world 
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